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Reuters' Med Salem wins 2024 World Press …

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Israel speeds up settlement-building in …

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Why has Iran attacked Israel?

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Vietnamese billionaire sentenced to deat …

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How much could it cost to rebuild Gaza a …

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Aid workers killed: Drone pilots could h …

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Strongest earthquake in 25 years rocks T …

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Israeli airstrike on Gaza kills seven wo …

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Israelis stage largest protest since war …

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Gaza conflict creating traumatised gener …

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Israeli soldiers play with Gaza women's …

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UN expert says Israel has committed geno …

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Destruction, lawlessness and red tape ho …

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Israel kills dozens in Gaza attacks and …

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Israel kills dozens in Gaza attacks and …

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Why Israel is so determined to launch an …

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With no chance to celebrate Ramadan, Gaz …

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Israel launches overnight raid on Gaza€…

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Charity loads food aid on to barge in Cy …

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Israel strikes residential tower in sout …

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What is the humanitarian situation in wa …

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Stolen Baroque painting returned to UK with support from Eurojust

EURIBO founders speak out against Hayes & Palombo Court of Appeal judgment

How worried are Britons about a Third World War?

‘Russia doesn’t care’: Sweden sounds alarm over unsafe oil fleet

Britain's most expensive cup of coffee is £265

MERA25 condemns Germany’s ban on Yanis Varoufakis

Germany confirms collaboration with genocide by Shutting down Palestine Conference

Germany buries evidence of complicity in Gaza genocide: Nicaragua exposes it

EU lobby register not properly enforced, warns watchdog

At least 17 killed in Russian strike in Kharkiv

Russian missiles slam into a Ukrainian city and kill 8 people

UK inflation falls by less than forecast to 3.2%

Undersea ‘hybrid warfare’ threatens security of 1bn, Nato

Rwanda scheme ‘could cost UK nearly £5bn in first five years’ for 30,000 migrants

Attendance down at PM Eid party amid reports of boycott over Gaza

RAF jets downed attack drones in Iranian assault on Israel, Sunak

Poland: Vote to amend law step towards access to safe and legal abortion

Eurojust tackles fraud of EUR 645 million with medicinal cannabis plants

DiEM25 and MERA25 condemn Germany’s ban of Palestine Congress in Berlin

Yanis Varoufakis banned from political activity in Germany

Five criminals behind multi-million pound benefit fraud convicted in the UK

EU passes asylum and migration pact after eight years of deadlock

Ukraine developing ‘unstoppable’ AI-powered attack drone with Western backing

Germany says 'history' drives Israel aid in ICJ case

Ukraine developing ‘unstoppable’ AI-powered attack drone with Western backing


In Modi’s India, opponents and journalists squeezed ahead of election

Vietnamese billionaire sentenced to death for $44 billion fraud

People blown from apartments as typhoon-like winds ravage southern China

North Korea says it tested a new hypersonic intermediate-range missile

Strongest earthquake in 25 years rocks Taiwan, killing 9 people

India rejects China's renaming of 30 places in Himalayan border state

An Indian court sends opposition leader, Arvind Kejriwal, to jail until April 15

Pakistan court grants Imran Khan appeal of graft conviction, sentence suspended

India's Modi questions rival Congress about island ceded to Sri Lanka

India opposition unites over pre-election arrest, blames PM Modi

India advances controversial anti-Muslim citizenship law

Philippines' Marcos vows countermeasures in response to Chinese 'attacks'

Pakistan’s jurists accuse intelligence agency ISI of intimidation

India: Authorities Revoke Visa Privileges of Diaspora Critics

China vows to safeguard its territorial integrity after South China Sea incident

At least 40 fires set in night of arson across Thailand's south

Vietnam's president resigns, raising questions over stability

India’s new citizenship law excludes Muslims. Why?

Chinese Nobel-winning author targeted in patriotic lawsuit

Chinese military to boost strategic capabilities in areas such as AI, unmanned tech

Indonesia floods, landslide kill 19, with seven missing

China discovers oil field of proven reserve of 102 million tons in South China Sea

Philippine president alarmed by Chinese attack in South China Sea

EU-IFAD launch new initiative to boost digital remittances in Central Asia

China raises defence budget by 7.2%


US vetoes Palestinian request for full UN membership

Google sacks 28 employees over Israel protest

Pentagon Recognizes “Officially” that Israel is a Nuclear Power. Declassified Document

IMF: World economy ‘resilient’ but conflict risks food and energy price hikes

Biden agrees to provide $6.4 billion to Samsung for making computer chips in Texas

Pope Francis sides with Peruvian villagers

Multiple people shot during Eid festival in Philadelphia

Biden to consider Australia's request to drop prosecution of Wikileaks founder Assange

Brazil: New IFAD-funded project to promote payment for environmental services

US flags Kenya over bribes, extortion in public tenders

At least 241 people have died in El Salvador’s prisons during the ‘war on gangs’

World Central Kitchen founder says staff 'deliberately targeted' while delivering aid

Forbes’ rich list gains $2 trillion as Taylor Swift and Altman become billionaires

World Central Kitchen is saving lives with food but paying a price in blood

Famine 'quite possibly' in some areas of north Gaza, US official

Pro-Palestine protesters disrupt Biden’s star-studded fundraiser

Most Americans disapprove of Israel’s actions in Gaza: Poll

US and EU breaking taboos to restrain Israel

Trump wins pause of $454 million civil fraud ruling, averting asset seizures

Netanyahu cancels Washington visit after US abstains on Gaza ceasefire vote at UN

Canadian students hunger-strike for college to divest from Israel-linked firms

UN Security Council to vote Friday on US resolution on Gaza ceasefire

Trump’s invite to major donors prioritizes committee paying his legal bills over RNC

Gaza’s waterfront property could be ‘very valuable’, Jared Kushner

US approves possible Javelin missile sale to Morocco, Pentagon

Australia & Pacific

Australia’s 2024 National Defence Strategy

Sydney rocked by second mass stabbing as knifeman attacks bishop

Three dead, 1,000 homes destroyed in Papua New Guinea quake

Australia and UK sign defense and security treaty

Australia tightens student visa rules as migration hits record high

Global food crisis and the effects of climate change need urgent action, IFAD

Indonesia, Australia to sign defence pact within months

Australia to ban doxxing after pro-Palestinians publish information about hundreds of Jews

Australia launches inquiry into why Cabinet documents relating to Iraq war remain secret

Australia says AI will help track Chinese submarines under new Aukus plan

China warns Australia to act prudently in naval operations in South China Sea

Christopher Luxon sworn in as new prime minister of New Zealand

Australian Intelligence Report Identifies China as Major Backer of Cyber Crime

Thousands in Australia join pro-Palestinian march over Gaza

Australia rejects Indigenous referendum in setback for reconciliation

Qatar Airways CEO says Australian decision to block flights ‘very unfair’

Moroccan Othmane El Goumri wins Sydney marathon

More than half of Australians oppose Indigenous panel in constitution, poll

Three US Marines die in 'tragic' Australia helicopter crash

Australian bus carrying wedding guests rolls over killing 10 and injuring 25

Guam, where America’s next war may begin

Women most victims of islamophobia in Australia

Time to step up investments in rural communities in the Pacific islands

Australia’s ‘quiet diplomacy’ approach to human rights in India has failed

Public support high in Australia and NZ to accept more Rohingya