SYDNEY - A bishop has reportedly been stabbed in Sydney days after six people were killed in a horrific knife attack in a mall.

Live stream footage of a sermon at a church in Wakeley appeared to show a suspect stabbing at Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel.

Footage of the harrowing Wakeley attack was shared widely on social media and worshippers can be heard screaming in horror as the incident unfolds.

The attack comes two days after six people were killed by Joel Cauchi with authorities saying it was “obvious” the knifeman targeted women in his rampage.

According to Sky News Australia four people were stabbed in the disturbing incident at the Wakeley church.

The four patients reportedly include a man in his 50s, a man in his 30s, a man in his 20s, and a man in his 60s.

All four are being treated for lacerations, while the man in his 50s has been taken to Liverpool Hospital, according to reports.

New South Wales Police said a man has been arrested and he is assisting with inquiries.

The force confirmed a police operation is underway following reports that a number of people were stabbed.

The police added that the victims suffered non-life threatening injuries and are being treated by paramedics.

Saturday’s attack in Sydney shocked the world, with witnesses reporting the heartbreaking moment one of the victims and her nine-month-old baby were stabbed.

A police operation is underway in Wakeley, following reports of a stabbing.

Officers attached to Fairfield City Police Area Command attended a location on Welcome Street, Wakeley following reports a number of people were stabbed.

Officers arrested a male and he is assisting with the inquiry.

Five of the six people killed by Cauchi during his knife attack in the busy Westfield Bondi Junction mall were women and the majority of the 12 other people injured in the attack, which took place near the world-famous Bondi Beach, were also women.

Ashlee Good, 38, was killed in the attack and her daughter Harriet underwent surgery. Her condition improved on Sunday night, from critical to serious, health authorities said.

Jade Young, 47, Dawn Singleton, 25, Pikria Darchia, 55, Faraz Tahir, 30, and Yixuan Cheng, 27, were also killed in the attack.

New South Wales state Police Commissioner Karen Webb said on Monday that detectives would question Cauchi's family in a bid to determine his motive.

CCTV footage from the mall showed Cauchi targeted women while avoiding men.

He was eventually shot and killed by police Inspector Amy Scott, who confronted him solo while he was on the rampage. Insp Scott is due to be interviewed by detectives on Tuesday.