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New app lists popular films suitable for kids
Washington DC - KidsMovies is about films for kids. Specifically, it is an iPhone app that offers a list of kids movies that have an MPAA rating of G, or “General Audiences. All Ages Admitted.”
Focused more on children’s films released by major studios, Kids Movies gathers 200 wholesome movie titles in 24 interesting and sometimes unusual, categories. The categories, in alphabetical order are: Bears, Birds, Cars, Cats, Christmas, Dogs, Elephants, Fairy Tales, Family, Halloween, Heroes, Horses, Magic, Monkeys, Musical, Nature, Pigs, Princess, Puppets, Robots, Sports, Toys, Travel and Others.
Kids Movies is not a mere list app, though, as it also lets you view film posters and details, watch trailers and buy kid-friendly DVDs from Amazon. The app is available now in the App Store for $3.99.