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Will the UN stop failing Myanmar's people?

NEW YORK - 521 groups including Human Rights Watch call on the UN Security Council to address the Myanmar junta's continuing atrocities, especially in light of the latest surge of attacks in Chin State, where soldiers deliberately torched houses at random

Time to act against Myanmar's junta abuses; a day for youth and citizen engagement at COP26; Syrian torture continues; UN report fails to give full picture of devastation in Ethiopia's Tigray; Singapore plans to execute a man with disability; and vaccine inequity persists amid European Covid fourth wave.

Nine months after the attempted coup by the military, the humanitarian, human rights and political crisis in Myanmar keeps on escalating. Human Rights Watch and 520 national, regional, and international organizations are calling on the United Nations Security Council to go beyond statements and act to end the junta's abuses, starting with an arms embargo and a referral of the situation to the International Criminal Court. The international community cannot fail Myanmar's people any longer.