LONDON - Anyone arriving in the United Kingdom (UK) from abroad could be fined £1,000 ($1250) if they fail to self-isolate for 14 days, the government announced Friday.

Under the plans, health officials would be able to carry out spot checks to check whether people were complying.
The new rules, which will also apply to British people returning from abroad, are not expected to come into force until next month.

As part of the plans, which are aimed at guarding against a second wave of coronavirus infections, all arrivals would be asked to fill in a form with their contact information.

Road hauliers and medical officials would be exempt, as well as those arriving from the Republic of Ireland.
However, people travelling from France will not be exempt, the government has previously confirmed, after it was initially suggested otherwise.

Any passengers arriving in the UK by plane, ferry or train would need to provide UK Border Force officials with an address where they will self-isolate, otherwise accommodation will be arranged by the government and paid for by the visitors. (FA)