THE WEST BANK - A military officer was filmed kneeling on the head of a 60-year-old Palestinian while arresting him during a protest in a West Bank village on Tuesday.

In another video from the scene, a different officer is seen breaking the window of a car the man had entered and pointing his gun at another Palestinian's head.

The military said the demonstration in the village of Shufa, near Tul Karm, was violent and that the video was "only partial, slanted, and does not reflect the rioting and violence toward the army forces that preceded the arrest." It further said that "the entire incident will continue to be examined by the commanders in the coming days."

The man arrested in the video, Khairi Hanoun, said demonstrators were protesting the expropriation of land in the area. "As far as I'm concerned, this is a totally legitimate, nonviolent protest," he said. "A few elderly people marched, thinking that soldiers wouldn't attack us, but we were mistaken. They attacked us like thugs. I'm 60, what can I do to an armed soldier? But for the officer on the scene, I'm a threat, and within minutes he began to brutally attack me." Hanoun referenced the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, saying: "That's how I felt, and I felt he was choking me."