LONDON - Julian Assange US extradition hearing in scheduled in London on 9-10 July.

The International Federation of Journalists has long campaigned for Julian's freedom and this week their President Dominique Pradalié and members showed solidarity visiting outside HMP Belmarsh where Julian is held and calling unequivocally for his release.

The IFJ, which represents more than 600,000 journalists worldwide, has previously denounced the proceedings against Julian as a "threat to all journalists" and urged their members to rally against this dangerous prosecution.

Journalists unions in the UK, Australia and around the world have likewise denounced the attempt to prosecute Julian alongside media, human rights and civil society groups in every corner of the globe.

With the United Kingdom (UK) General Election on July 4th and elections in France now also announced - it is more important than ever to make representations to local candidates and representatives.

Wherever you are, public pressure in the form of letters and telephone calls to publicly elected officials, and those wishing to become elected, are always a helpful way to contribute concretely to Julian's defence.

Julian has remained in HMP Belmarsh for over five years with failing health, while he has not been convicted of any crime and is not serving any sentence. He has been imprisoned for 1898 days so far.