BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND - A series of artworks by Gazan artists have been unveiled on one of Belfast’s most famous walls in a show of solidarity.

The International Wall on Divis Street in the lower Falls area of west Belfast is a long stretch of murals reserved for highlighting significant events or struggles.

While it often shows a number of scenes from different parts of the world, it is currently dominated by artwork by artists from Gaza amid the ongoing conflict in the region.

A joint art piece on the wall had been planned for some time, with local artists and those from Palestine both to take part, however events overtook with the latest escalation in the conflict with Israel last autumn.

It was officially unveiled on Sunday afternoon.

Mural artist Danny Devenny said they were overwhelmed by volunteers wanting to help as they recreated the artworks.

“We got in touch with a lady we knew in Gaza to find Gazan artists because it is there where it is happening, so within 24 hours she had sent us back these images, and there was no stopping us, these had to go up on the wall,” he said.

Mr Devenny paid tribute to the number of volunteer to gave their time freely to help, adding: “everyone is in shock, everyone wants to do something and we benefited from that in this project”.

“Have to pick one out particularly, Anne Loughran from west Belfast, a 70-year-old lady who had never painted in her life before, painted one of those murals,” he said.

“It was our pleasure to put these things on the wall to show solidarity.

“Having so many in solidarity just shows how many are so shocked by what has been happening and want to change the world.”