BERLIN - German politician Christian Lindner has said no “sane” country wants to fight with Russia and that Putin’s government should be given a spot around the G8 table again.
The leader of the Germany Free Democratic Party told a rally in Berlin that most nations are afraid of clashing with Putin.
The opposition party leader also suggested that Russia could have a place in the G8 again, either by being invited back or with a new G7+1 format.
The politician also said that regular EU/Russia summits should be restored.
“Russia will have its place in the ‘Europa’ house, if it abides to a set order”, he said.
Russia has become a tense topic in German politics in recent months.
Angela Merkel has taken a tougher stance on Russia relations since the alleged nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy and his daughter in Salisbury.
The chancellor backed Britain and expelled four Russian diplomats following the incident.(FA)