South Sudan has just achieved a precarious independence from the North after decades of civil war and faces many complex and dangerous problems. As the editor – there are 14 contributors – writes, “This book compiles scholarly analyses of the implementation of the power sharing agreement of the CPA, of the ongoing conflicts with particular respect to land issues, of the challenge of the reintegration of internally displaced people and refugees, and of the repercussions of the CPA in other regions of Sudan as well as in neighbouring countries.”

How the new state survives and develops must be of huge interest to Africa because it is the first time since the end of the colonial era that a bequeathed state has divided into two to break the enshrined OAU principle that colonial boundaries were to be treated as sacrosanct. This is essentially a handbook providing a number of analyses of the impact that the emergence of a new African state will have, both upon the North that only most grudgingly agreed to the separation and upon its neighbours.

Elkwe Grawert (editor)

James Currey 2011