BRISBANE, Australia - A terrified man woke in the morning to find a 4ft python had slithered into his bed beside him. The unsuspecting man told snake catcher Bryce Lockett, 25, he had continuously felt something in the bed during the night but just had assumed it was his remote control. Mr Lockett said he received a phone call from the man at 5.30am and went straight over to his flat in Brisbane, Queensland on May 25. Describing the incident, he said: ‘He said he thought that he’d left his remote control laying on the bed, as he had felt something a few times throughout the night. ‘It wasn’t until he got up in the morning that he realised it was actually a carpet python. He was the only one in the bed. It must have joined him at some stage during the night. ‘The man had the heater on as it was a really cold night, so the snake was likely chasing the warmth. In between the sheets in the bed would have been the warmest place for him.’ Mr Lockett removed the snake from the bed and it was released into nearby bushland. A picture of the snake on the bed was posted on social media today. Carpet pythons can grow up to 10ft long, but are generally not regarded as a danger to humans. They are not venomous, but can deliver painful bites.(FA)