Xingjiang, China - A banquet was put on to celebrate the 134th birthday of Almihan Seyiti, who Chinese officials are calling the world’s oldest woman. She is said to have been born on June 25, 1886 under the rule of Qing dynasty emperor Guangxu. The supercentenarian was thrown a big birthday bash filled with music and dancing yesterday in the county of Shule, in the northwestern autonomous region of Xinjiang. The ethnic Uyghur is said to have topped the country’s list of oldest living citizens in 2013 when she was 127. But she became the focus of some international scrutiny as a result of her unverifiable birth records, despite being issued a Chinese identity card listing her date of birth. Guinness World Records said it had not been invited to independently verify Almihan’s age. However she is accredited by Shanghai China records and Carrying the Flag World Records, which is registered Shanghai, Lijiang, Hong Kong and London.(FA)