PYANG YONG - North Korea has warned the United States that it faces an ‘unimaginable’ military strike as tensions continue to mount between the two warring countries.

The fiery comments were made ahead of a drill being held next week by the US and South Korea, which will see Americans in the Korean Peninsula practicing being evacuated in the event of a nuclear ‘crisis’.

But while the drill is usually carried out twice a year, North Korea claims that it has heightened fears of military conflict.

’The US is running amok by introducing under our nose the targets we have set as primary ones’, North Korea’s state news agency said in a statement.

’The US should expect that it would face unimaginable strikes at an unimaginable time.’

The latest provocation comes after North Korea was spotted moving missiles last week, sparking fresh fears of a new launch.

Images captured by a US spy satellite showed missiles being moved from a hangar near the capital of Pyongyang, sparking fears that Kim Jong-Un is preparing for another test of its intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Yesterday, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly also addressed the threat of a pre-emptive North Korean strike on Guam, admitting that there was ‘great concern about Americans who live there.

‘Right now we think the threat is manageable. Let’s hope that diplomacy works’, he said.

Earlier this month, President Donald Trump also warned that the US will ‘do what has be to done’ in response to the threat of North Korea, after telling Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that any negotiations would prove pointless.