ARIZONA, USA - US President Donald Trump visited Arizona to tout 212 miles of new fence separating the US and Mexico— but only three were built where there was previously no barrier.

Four years after promising a 2,000-mile “Great Wall” made of reinforced concrete and paid for by Mexico, Donald Trump took a victory lap for securing three new miles of steel fence that was paid for by raiding the military budget.

“This is the most powerful and comprehensive border wall structure anywhere in the world,” Trump said Tuesday during a visit to the Mexican border at Yuma, Arizona, where he said 212 miles have been built and that close to 500 would be finished by the end of the year. “Our border has never been more secure.”

In fact, only three of those 212 miles are along parts of the border that previously had no barrier. The rest have replaced existing fencing, a process that began under President George W. Bush and continued under President Barack Obama.

And that fencing, between 18 and 30 feet tall, has proven vulnerable to smugglers and human traffickers using portable, battery-powered saws.

Trump promised from the day he began his campaign in June 2015 that he would build a “great wall” to end illegal immigration from Mexico.