MISSOURI, United States - A hairdresser exposed 91 people to coronavirus after ignoring symptoms of the disease and continuing to work. The unnamed stylist may have infected as many as 84 customers and seven colleagues by working at Great Clips salon in Springfield, Missouri, while they had Covid-19. They are believed to have picked up the virus while traveling, then worked from May 12 until Wednesday May 21. Salons in Missouri were permitted to open throughout that period. Health officials have yet to say whether anyone who came into contact with the crimper has since tested positive for Covid-19. A spokesman for Springfield-Greene’s County Health Department said: ‘The individual and their clients were wearing face coverings. The 84 clients potentially directly exposed will be notified by the Health Department and be offered testing, as will seven co-workers. ‘It is the hope of the department that because face coverings were worn throughout this exposure timeline, no additional cases will result.’ Department director Clay Goddard urged anyone else who believed themselves to be infected with Covid-19 to follow self-isolation guidelines, saying: ‘I’ll be honest, I’m very frustrated to be up here today, and maybe more so I’m disappointed. I think we need to comprehend the consequences of this. ‘We can’t have many more of these. We can’t make this a regular habit or our capabilities as a community will be strained.’ Officials said ‘meticulous’ records kept by the hairstylist made it possible to track all those exposed.(FA)