LONDON - Israel is so alarmed by this morning’s statements from leaders of Norway and Spain that it is recalling its ambassadors from the two countries for “urgent consultations”.

Norway’s prime minister’s announcement that his country will recognise a Palestinian state next week and the upcoming statement by the leader of Spain have touched a nerve with the Israeli government, which has been hemorrhaging international support as the war in Gaza is about to enter its eight month.

Israel, mired in a war that shows no image of a “total victory” as one promised by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is increasingly sensitive to any moves on the international arena that can be interpreted as helping the other side.

Israeli officials repeatedly said they view the recognition of a Palestinian state - something that has been on the cards since the Oslo Accords in the early 1990s - as a “reward” for Hamas for brutally attacking Israel on October 7.

The Israeli leadership has brushed off arguments that supporting a Palestinian sovereignty amid deaths and devastation in Gaza should serve as a counter-weight to radical movements such as Hamas.

Unlike the United States or Britain, neither Norway or Spain are crucial military allies or trade partners for Israel, so should the ties with them be cut off, the impact on the Israeli economy would be minimal.

But Israel is increasingly driving itself into a corner of isolation as its top speakers, like Foreign Minister Israel Katz this morning, suggest that recognising a Palestinian state within the borders under post-1967 Israeli occupation, as recognised by the UN, represents a threat to its sovereignty.