LONDON - Researchers have found that more than half of young people are concerned that artificial intelligence (AI) will take their jobs from them.

Some 52% of 18 to 24-year-olds are worried about the impact of the technology on their future job prospects, found the survey for the i news site.

The poll also found that 48% of people believe it is likely that humans will one day lose control of AI systems by it surpassing human capabilities and starting to act against human interests.

There are “growing concerns” that AI will lead to “massive job losses across the global economy”, said some reports. Some analysts predict that “as many as 300 million positions are at risk as the technology rapidly advances”.

The “AI jobs bloodbath” is said to be underway after British Telecom (BT) announced it will lose up to 55,000 staff by the end of the decade, with many roles being replaced by artificial intelligence.

The UK government is calling for international co-operation on AI. The prime minister Rishi Sunk is set to “push other allies to take a co-ordinated approach to AI rules”.