WASHINGTON - Republican Representative Lauren Boebert was recently filmed saying she experienced a ‘Jihad squad’ moment with the Muslim Rep Ilhan Omar. The party leadership hasn’t rebuked her, and some colleagues are defending her words.

There is an increasing backlash against the Republicans who have not yet condemned Lauren Boebert for her behaviour vis-a-vis her republican colleague Ilam Omar.

It hasn't been a great week for Republican unity on Capitol Hill. Most notably, two first-year GOP House members — Georgia's Marjorie Taylor Greene and South Carolina's Nancy Mace — have feuded in ways that turned quite ugly in recent days.

The conflict started in earnest when Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado directed anti-Muslim rhetoric at a Democratic colleague, at which point Mace denounced the Coloradan's bigoted smear, and Greene denounced Mace for having criticized Boebert.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tried to lower the volume, meeting with Greene and Mace on Tuesday, and telling them to stop going after one another. After the appeal from the would-be House Speaker, the congresswomen largely ignored McCarthy's plea.

It was against this backdrop that five leading House Democrats — Congressional Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal, Congressional Black Caucus Chair Joyce Beatty, Congressional Asian Pacific American Chair Judy Chu, Congressional Equality Caucus Chair David Cicilline, and Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chair Raul Ruiz — issued a joint statement late yesterday, calling on House members to strip Boebert of her committee assignments.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has expressed some skepticism about such a move — the Democratic leader said it risked giving the far-right Coloradan more of the attention she craves — but it remains a live issue. Watch this space.