KINSHASA - A few dozen Congolese demonstrated Wednesday in front of the French embassy in Kinshasa to reject the planned visit of French President Emmanuel Macron, reports say.

The protesters chanted “Macron assassin” or “Macron get out”, some waving Russian flags.

“Rwanda, a country which has been attacking us for more than 25 years, leaving over forty million people dead; and France did not intervene. And then Today Mr Macron would like to come here to sympathize with us? To weep crocodile tears?” the coordinator of the Sang-Lumumba citizens’ movement asked. “We refuse the arrival of Emmanuel Macron, the French president in our country.

Since he is accompanying Rwanda, the country that is slaughtering us, the country that is killing us day and night. It is he who supports Rwanda. We do not want his arrival here in our Congo,” another demonstrator said.

President Macron commenced Wednesday an African tour to take him to four African countries including DRC where is expected to be later this week.