London - German athletes have been moved out of a London hotel after an outbreak of norovirus hit several athletes. German and Canadian competitors at the World Athletics Championships staying at Tower Hotel fell ill last week, with some claiming they had suffered bouts of gastroenteritis.
They included German triple jumper Neele Eckhardt who collapsed at the weekend but was well enough to compete in Monday's final. Public Health England has since confirmed it is aware of around 30 reports of illnesses, with tests confirming two are norovirus. The German team has reacted by moving 30 athletes to different accommodation around London. Meanwhile Botswana's Isaac Makwala, a 400 metres medal prospect, was given medical dispensation to withdraw from the 200m heats on Monday night after reportedly suffering food poisoning. Without a valid reason for withdrawing he could have been disqualified from the 400m. Irish 400m hurdler Thomas Barr, who finished fourth in the Olympics in Rio last year, also had to withdraw from his semi-final at the weekend due to the illness.(FA)