London - Tens of thousands of protesters have marched through central London to campaign against the ruling Conservative government as part of a “Not One Day More” protest. More than 100,000 attended the rally, according to organising body the People’s Assembly. The protest began outside BBC Broadcasting House in Portland Place before moving on towards Parliament Square to hear a number of speakers including opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Protesters arrived with banners branding messages of defiance against austerity and the Tory Party such as “Austerity kills” and “Kick the Tories out”, and people could be heard chanting “Not one day more” as the crowd moved through the streets of the capital. Speaking to the crowds in Parliament Square, Mr Corbyn rounded on the Tories for this week raising hopes the public sector pay cap would be lifted before later dampening expectations by voting against a Labour amendment to the Queen’s Speech to scrap the 1 per cent ceiling imposed by former chancellor George Osborne in 2012. In front of thousands of protesters chanting “Oh Jeremy Corbyn”, the Labour leader said: “I say to any public sector workers in Northern Ireland or anywhere else – don’t have any illusions in these people, when they started the austerity programme they meant it and they meant it to carry on. (FA)