LONDON - No second Brexit referendum will be held "in any circumstances", Downing Street said after a Sky Data poll showed most people would like to see another vote on Britain's exit from the EU.
Following the results of the survey, Labour peer Lord Mandelson told Sky News a referendum on the terms on the final Brexit deal was "the only way forward" for the prime minister.
But Downing Street reiterated its opposition to any further public vote on Brexit.
Asked about Lord Mandelson's comments on Monday, the prime minister's spokesman said there would be "no second referendum in any circumstances".
A survey reveals the government is haemorrhaging trust over Brexit, with two-thirds thinking the outcome will be bad for Britain.
According to the Sky Data poll, 50% of people support a referendum asking the public to choose between leaving the EU with the deal suggested by the government, leaving the EU without a deal, and not leaving the EU.
Another 40% said they were against and 10% said they didn't know.
Asked to choose between those options, not leaving the EU would be the preferred option for 48%, with 27% preferring to leave the EU with no deal, and 13% choosing the government deal.
Some 8% said they would not vote and 3% said they don't know. (FA)