LONDON - More than three-quarters of the British public - 78% - now think the government is doing a bad job negotiating Brexit, up 23 percentage points from when last asked in March this year.
Just 10% think they are doing a good job - down 13 points.
Theresa May's personal approval ratings have similarly taken a substantial hit - 74% are now dissatisfied with her performance as prime minister, up 14 points, while the proportion satisfied is now at 24%, down 17 points.
And asked how good or bad a deal the government will get when Brexit negotiations are complete, two-thirds - 65% - now think they will get a bad deal for Britain - an increase of 15 points - including 51% of Leave voters.
Just 14% think they will get a good deal, down 12 points.
On the impact of Brexit, 42% of Britons now think it will have a negative effect on themselves personally, up eight points; 18% think it will not affect them either way, and 31% think it will be good.
A majority now think that Brexit will be actively bad for the economy (52%) and the country overall (51%), a rise by four points and five points respectively.
One in three think Brexit will be good for the economy (35%), with 9% saying it won't have an impact, while 40% think Brexit will be good for the country, with 5% saying it will have no effect.
The public by 50% to 40% support a referendum asking the public to choose between leaving the EU with the deal suggested by the government, leaving the EU without a deal, and not leaving the EU - 10% answered don't know.
Asked to choose between those options, not leaving the EU would be the preferred option for 48%, with 27% preferring to leave the EU with no deal, and 13% choosing the government deal - 8% say they would not vote, 3% don't know.(FA)