LONDON - Theresa May today revealed she will take the helm for Brexit talks with the EU, with Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab effectively becoming her deputy.
The Prime Minister will take control of the Brexit negotations in a major snub to Mr Raab, who replaced David Davis earlier this month.
The Cabinet Office's Europe Unit, which reports direct to the Prime Minister, will have "overall responsibility" for the exit talks, Mrs May said.
Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran and Remain supporter said: "It's a demotion for Dominic Raab, we can all see that.
"The Prime Minister has shown how wafer-thin her confidence in the new Brexit Secretary is."
Labour's shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Kier Starmer tweeted: "That didn't take long! Less than two weeks into the job..."
Shadow Brexit minister Jenny Chapman added: "Dominic Raab has been side-lined before he's even had the chance to get his feet under the table."
Dominic Raab insisted he was not as pessimistic about the impact of a "no deal" scenario as some of the forecasts.
He told MPs: "We would have to look at the uncertainty that we would face in the short-term, but I think long-term we would still be able to thrive.
"Of course, as with all risks and opportunities, it depends how you mitigate the risks and grasp the opportunities."
He refused to "wallow in pessimism" about the state of Brexit and vowed to give "as much energy as I can" in negotations with the EU.(FA)