VIENNA - Austria has seen 1,324 incidents of anti-Muslim racism last year, according to a report.

The 2022 Report on Anti-Muslim Racism released by the Austrian Documentation and Counselling Center for Muslims found that a majority of the attacks took place on digital platforms.

The report said 15.2 percent of those subjected to anti-Muslim racism, verbal and physical attacks were men while well over double that, 40.2 percent, were women.

The figures also showed that of the online attacks, 92 percent were hate speech against Islam and Muslims, while 5 percent were incitement. While 81.6 percent of the attacks were carried out on online platforms, 38.9 percent of them happened in various areas of social life in Austria, where some 700,000 Muslims live.

Speaking to Anadolu, Selime Ture of the documentation and counseling center said that anti-Muslim racism is becoming "normal" in the Austria. She said some "so-called academic studies" by biased institutions play a key role in this rising trend.