ATHENS - Clashes between the police and migrants took place this Saturday, September 12 on the Greek island of Lesbos, during a demonstration to demand decent housing, after the fires that destroyed the Moria camp.

This Saturday, September 12, Greek police fired tear gas at migrants who threw stones at them during a demonstration on the island of Lesbos. Thousands of angry asylum seekers are clamoring for shelter after spending several nights sleeping outside, following the fires that ravaged the Moria camp on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Rather, the police were disembarked to prevent migrants from accessing the port of the island. According to local sources, nearly 2,000 refugees demonstrated to demand their departure from Moria camp.

The fire destroyed part of the registration and identification center set up to limit the number of exiles. The overcrowded camp is home to 85,000 migrants bound for Europe.

While the fires caused no deaths, they left 11,500 people homeless, including 4,000 children. The Greek authorities on Friday started work to set up tents in a former shooting range near the port of the island of Lesvos, where asylum seekers are to be transferred.