LONDON - U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Downing Street on Tuesday for a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“Welcome to Number 10,” Johnson said to Pompeo as they sat in the Downing Street garden for an open air meeting.

“You look great,” said Pompeo.

Johnson quipped that the social distancing measures did not indicate any diplomatic distance.

“Social distance does not imply diplomatic or political distance,” he said.

Pompeo will discuss ways to tackle the growing might of China when he meets Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson just a week after London ordered a purge of Huawei gear from the 5G network.

President Donald Trump lauded Johnson’s ban on Huawei, though he also claimed he had forced London’s hand due to concern over China, which he considers to be the

United States’ main geopolitical rival of the 21st century.