LONDON - Boris Johnson has been involved in a minor car crash in Westminster after his vehicle was rear-ended by his security team. The incident took place moments after a man protesting Turkey’s operation against Kurds in Iraq jumped out in front of his Jaguar, causing it to come to a sudden stop. Footage then shows the security team’s Range Rover going into the back of the car and leaving a significant dent. Downing Street has now confirmed that Johnson was inside the car at the time, but said nobody was injured in the incident. The protester was then detained for running in front of the convoy, while the vehicles drove away from the scene within seconds of the crash. A spokesperson said: ‘I think the video speaks for itself as to what happened. No reports of anybody being injured.’ The Prime Minister was leaving the Houses of Parliament having just finished his weekly session, during which he clashed with Labour leader Keir Starmer over the rise in child poverty today. It comes one day after the government was forced into a U-turn on free school meals after the issue was raised by Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford, 22. Downing Street initially said the free school meals scheme would not be extended outside of term time, but had a change of heart less than 24 hours later. Last night, during the daily press briefing, Johnson claimed he didn’t know about Rashford’s campaign until yesterday, stating that there are ‘so many things going on’ at present.(FA)