PARIS - The EU will refuse another delay to Brexit in the current circumstances, according to the France's Foreign Minister.
Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Sunday that as things stand, a delay beyond the October 31 deadline would not be granted.
Asked if a Brexit delay was possible, the French minister told Europe 1 radio not under the current conditions.
"We are not going to do [extend] this every three months," he added. "The British must tell us what they want."
He described the current situation as "very worrying".
It comes after parliament passed a law aimed at blocking a no-deal Brexit, which would force Boris Johnson to seek an extension.
The Prime Minister has said he would not ask for a delay in any circumstances, but Mr Le Drian's comments suggest his request would be denied even if he was forced to by law.
But on Sunday, it was reported that Mr Johnson is planning to ignore the legislation and instead go to the EU summit next month and seek a new deal.
The Sunday Times reports that, if a deal is not agreed, Mr Johnson will refuse to demand the extension to Article 50.
Yesterday, Jeremy Corbyn warned the Prime Minister that he is not above the law, saying the country is in "extaordinary territory".
Speaking to Sky News, Mr Corbyn said: “Well it’s quite extraordinary when you have a Prime Minister in a parliamentary democracy announce he doesn’t agree with a decision that Parliament has taken and he’s prepared to not abide by it.
“The act that was passed through all its stages in the House of Commons this week is now law and it requires him to apply for an extension in order to prevent a crashing out on the 31st of October.
“We are in quite extraordinary territory when a Prime Minister says he is above the law.”(FA)