WASHINGTON - Since 1991, Azerbaijan has fought a border conflict with the breakaway Republic of Artsakh, which is supported by Armenia. Daily violations of the 1994 ceasefire agreement are reported along the entrenched frontlines, which have remained static since the beginning of ACLED’s coverage in 2018. Following the 2018 Armenian Revolution and the start of reconciliatory talks between the Azerbaijani government and the new Armenian government, the average number of weekly clashes has dropped to nearly 100 events.

● ACLED records approximately 14,000 violent events in the border region since 2018

● Starting in late September 2018 — with the beginning of reconciliatory talks, which were made possible with the government change in Armenia after the revolution

● The number of events dropped significantly, from an average of about 200 per week to an average of approximately 100 per week

● The majority of events are battles, with roughly 1% consisting of explosions/remote violence events

● Border clashes mainly involve small arms and heavy machine gun fire resulting in few reported fatalities