WASHINGTON - ● From 1 January 2018 through 19 October 2019, ACLED records nearly 17,000 political violence and protest events in the region ○ More than 14,300 are organized political violence events (battles, explosions/remote violence, and violence against civilians)

■ Most of these events are battles, particularly armed clashes on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia involving state forces

■ Nearly 2,500 are demonstration events

■ The vast majority of these events are peaceful protests without intervention

● Political violence is linked to over 230 reported fatalities in the region since the start of 2018

■ Nearly half are recorded in Tajikistan, where over 110 fatalities have been reported in connection with violence against civilians and state clashes with rioters

■ Despite the high battle count in the region, fatalities are low. Demonstrations and violence against civilians have resulted in almost twice as many reported deaths

● Overall, political violence and protest activity has decreased from the start of 2018 through late 2019

■ This decrease is largely due to a drop in battles, stemming primarily from a decline in skirmishes reported in the contested territory between Azerbaijan and Armenia ( see In Focus section below )

■ Demonstration activity has fluctuated throughout this period, with a spike during the Armenian revolution in April-September 2018 before a region-wide peak in September 2019

■ ACLED records 176 events in September 2019, rising from 101 events in August, due in large part to a wave of anti-China protests in Kazakhstan