BANGKOK - A new humanitarian snapshot from the UN’s Office for the Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) for Asia and the Pacific shows that between intensified conflict and serious disasters, thousands remain displaced in the region.

At least 40,000 Lao people and 24,000 in Northern Thailand were counted displaced in the last week, with 32 people reportedly killed, all due to severe flooding caused by two major tropical storms, Podul and Kajiki.

Heavy rains in Bangladesh have flooded refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, affecting some 28,000 people, while in the Philippines, moderate to heavy rains wrought by Tropical Depression Marilyn prompted evacuations, as high tides damaged homes and caused river overflows.

Meanwhile in Myanmar, a flareup in conflict between the country’s military and Tan’ang National Liberation Army on 13 September have displaced more than 1,200 people (mostly elderly and children) in just three days.