CARACAS - Concerned at the highest point (sic) by the health of the legislative candidates scheduled for early December, Nicolas Maduro wants to offer them Sputnik, the Russian anti-Covid-19 vaccine.

Tuesday September 08, the Venezuelan president, proposed to administer the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus to the 15,000 candidates during the next legislative elections. The reason ? Allow them to campaign in safety.

" It would be a good idea to give the Russian vaccine to the 14,400 candidates who have registered so that they can run their election campaign more comfortably, " Maduro said in a televised speech, according to Reuters reporting the information.

No one knows if the candidates will declare themselves favorable to this gesture of a curious " magnanimity " of the faithful ally of the Russian regime. The only certainty is that this proposal, the seriousness of which is difficult to judge, is unconventional.

It should be noted that 277 seats are to be filled during these elections which part of the Venezuelan opposition boycotts, in particular the 4 largest parties, namely Democratic Action, First Justice, Popular Will and Um Novo Tempo because of suspicions of fraud.