TEXAS, USA - The state of Texas is pausing its reopening and moving to free up hospital space as the tally of its coronavirus cases rises.

Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order suspending elective procedures in hospitals in four counties.

Businesses that had already reopened can continue to operate, but any further reopening is halted, he said in a statement.

The state has recorded more than 130,000 cases and nearly 3,000 deaths. More than 4,300 people with the virus are hospitalized across the state, more than double the number at the beginning of June.

Texas is one of 29 states where case numbers have been rising. The United States reported its largest one-day total since the start of the pandemic on Wednesday: 36,880 new cases, more than two months after the previous high. The resurgence is concentrated largely in the South and West. Florida, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas reported their highest single-day totals on Wednesday.

The tally of new cases, based on a New York Times database, showed that the outbreak was stronger than ever. The elevated numbers are a result of worsening conditions across much of the country, as well as increased testing.

New York City is on track to ease more restrictions on July 6, according to the City’s mayor.

Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and South Carolina set daily records. Nationwide, more than 36,000 cases were reported Wednesday.