WASHINGTON - Donald Trump has no plans to invite his predecessor Barack Obama back to the White House to unveil his presidential portrait, it has been claimed. Relations between President Trump and former President Obama are said to have gotten so bad that the traditional unveiling is unlikely to happen until Trump completes his presidency – which could be as late as 2025. A White House source told NBC News that Trump is unbothered about breaking the longstanding tradition, and that Obama has no desire to return to the address anyway. Relations between the men have worsened in recent weeks as Obama took veiled swipes at Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, with Trump hitting back by accusing Obama of an unspecified crime. Neither Trump nor Obama commented on the claims, but presidential historian Michael Beschloss said: ‘You’ve got a president who’s talking about putting the previous one in legal jeopardy, to put it nicely. We have not seen a situation like that in history. It takes antipathy of a new president for a predecessor to a new level.’ The president unveiling a predecessor’s presidential portrait is a tradition stretching back decades, and also sees a painting of the former first lady unveiled at the same time.(FA)