NEW MEXICO, United States - A 108-year-old man believed to be the oldest American Covid-19 survivor beat the second pandemic of his lifetime more than a century after he lived through the Spanish Flu at six years old. Phil Corio and his 58-year-old son Ron, both began suffering symptoms of Covid-19 in late February and early March. Ron said the symptoms were mild and began as a sore throat before progressing to severe cough and difficulty breathing. A week later, Phil also got a sore throat, cough, and began vomiting before fainting in the bathroom of Ron’s house in Los Ranchos, New Mexico. ‘My dad went into the bathroom and then I heard a crash,’ Ron told the Albuquerque Journal. ‘He had fainted and fell back on the floor. I found him with his eyes open but he wasn’t talking, so I called an ambulance.’(FA)