GEORGIA, United States - A five-year-old boy shot his 12-year-old brother dead with a gun he found in the woods that he thought was a toy, police said. The 12-year-old, identified by family on social media as Adrian Weaver, died of a gunshot wound to the chest at the hospital after the shooting on May 9 in Griffin, Georgia. Police said Weaver was playing with his seven-year-old sister and younger brother, who ‘stumbled upon’ the gun near a wooded area and thought it was a toy. ‘The children were out here peacefully playing in the backyard on the trampoline,” neighbor Tom Whitehead told CNN affiliate WGCL. ‘The little one found a gun. … Turns around, thinks he’s playing, says “bang bang.” It was loaded and killed him. Think about that mother. The next day, Mother’s Day, and one boy is dead by the hand of his younger brother.’(FA)