WASHINGTON - US federal agents have been searching Jeffrey Epstein's island home in the US Virgin Islands.

It comes after the death of the 66-year-old, who is thought to have killed himself on Saturday ahead of a trial on charges that he sexually abused underage girls.

Pictures on Monday showed agents - including from the FBI and Customs and Border Protection - at the dock and in the grounds of Little Saint James.

The 100-acre private Caribbean island was bought by Epstein for $7.95m (£6.6m) in 1998 and it was part of the extravagant lifestyle enjoyed by Epstein before his legal troubles.

Despite rumours, not much is known for sure about what went on at the island, although details may soon be revealed by the agencies seen searching it on Monday.

Epstein's estate also includes a 40-room mansion on New York's Upper East Side with an estimated value of $77m (£63m), a ranch in New Mexico and homes in Paris and Palm Beach, Florida.

FBI spokesman Guillermo Gonzalez said: "There are FBI agents conducting enforcement operations in the US Virgin Islands." He declined to comment further.

Financier Epstein had a social circle that included princes and presidents, including Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.(FA)