HARARE - The opposition says results it has collected from around the country show "beyond a reasonable doubt" that Nelson Chamisa has won the presidential election. It says 21 percent of forms were not posted at stations.
Zimbabwe's electoral commission is expected to release the first results of Monday's vote shortly. The election was the first since longtime leader Robert Mugabe stepped down in November under military pressure and former confidante Emmerson Mnangagwa took power.
Mr Mnangagwa has also expressed optimism about the results.
Dozens of Zimbabwean opposition supporters have gathered at their headquarters in the capital, celebrating in the belief that they have won the presidential election despite the lack of official results.
The supporters are dancing to music blaring from speakers mounted on a truck at the offices of the Movement for Democratic Change party, which says it conducted its own count.
In much of Harare, the mood is quiet. Some people are quietly discussing unofficial results circulating on social media, while others openly argue that their political parties won Monday's election even though the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has yet to release preliminary results.
The commission has five days from the election to release the final tally, and it says it is confident of doing so within that time frame.
The leading contenders — President Emmerson Mnangagwa and MDC leader Nelson Chamisa — have issued upbeat assessments of how they did in the election.
The opposition party, Movement for Democratic Change, have claimed victory, AFP reports.(FA)